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Hydrogen Research Forum Members Meet in Person at Dipoli, Espoo

On June 5, 2024, the Hydrogen Research Forum members gathered in person at Dipoli, Espoo. The day was filled with discussions about our plans for the remainder of the year and for 2025. We mapped out strategies for science dissemination through seminars, webinars, and feedback from past events, and worked on finalizing and communicating our upcoming strategic research agenda.It was a pleasure to see everyone face-to-face and strengthen our collaborative efforts.


Aalto Hydrogen Breakfast Series #4: Combustion of Hydrogen & Hydrogen-based vector fuels: Solutions for the engines of the future

Aalto Hydrogen Breakfast Series #4: Combustion of Hydrogen & Hydrogen-based vector fuels: Solutions for the engines of the future

29th May 2024 08:30-10:00 (Hybrid event)


In this fourth event in the Hydrogen Breakfast series, we will take a look at Combustion of Hydrogen and Hydrogen-based vector fuels in internal combustion engines, from both academic & industry perspectives, with the programme as follows:

  • Ville Vuorinen, Associate Professor, Aalto University

  • Rasmus Teir, General Manager, Decarbonization, Wärtsilä Energy


The event is held in hybrid mode, with the programme opening at 08:30.  For onsite attendance, the event begins with breakfast at 08:00.

Please find full details of the event & the registration link at the event website

Also, please find details of all our Hydrogen Breakfast events here, including details & slides from our previous events.

University of Eastern Finland and University of Helsinki Join Hydrogen Research Forum!

We are thrilled to announce that the University of Eastern Finland (UEF) and the University of Helsinki have officially joined the Hydrogen Research Forum Finland at the beginning of this year.

The Hydrogen research forum Finland, serves as a vital platform for fostering collaboration among leading academic institutions in the field of hydrogen technology. With the inclusion of UEF and University of Helsinki, the forum's expertise and resources are further enriched.

We extend a warm welcome to UEF and University of Helsinki as they join the community of hydrogen researchers and enthusiasts within the Hydrogen Research Forum. Together, we are committed to driving innovation, promoting sustainability, and building a brighter future powered by hydrogen.

Opportunity at Abo Akademi University!

Are you passionate about Energy Technology in the Process Industry, with a keen interest in the impact of the hydrogen economy on industrial decarbonisation? Abo Akademi University is looking for a talented individual to join their team as a Professor or Associate Professor (level 2)


This is your chance to contribute to cutting-edge research and innovation while shaping the future of industrial energy. If you're ready to make a difference, apply now!

Field of Activity: Energy Technology in Process Industry, with a Focus on the Impact of Hydrogen Economy in Industrial Decarbonisation.


Application Deadline: Submit your application by May 9, 2024, at 15:00 pm (Finnish local time).

Learn more and apply here: Abo Akademi University Careers

Event Announcement - Save the date!

The Hydrogen Research Forum Finland International Seminar 2024 will be hosted on October 2-3 by Aalto University Hydrogen Innovation Center

Seminaari syksy 2024.GIF

Transition of Coordination and Chairmanship Responsibility from Oulu University to LUT University in Hydrogen Research Forum 2024

The coordination and chairmanship responsibility of the Hydrogen Research Forum will be transferred from the University of Oulu to the LUT during January 2024. Petteri Laaksonen, Research Director in LUT School of Energy Systems, will assume the coordination responsibility and Pertti Kauranen, professor for Energy Storage at LUT University, will chair the meeting. The lead responsibility will take until June 2025. After that, coordination will be passed to the University of Tampere, overseeing responsibilities from July 2025 to December 2026

Hydrogen Research Forum Finland would like to express gratitude to Oulu University and, particularly, Timo Fabritius,  professor in Process Metallurgy and head of the Process Metallurgy Research Unit, for their invaluable contributions to the advancement of the Hydrogen Research Forum. Their dedication has played a pivotal role in shaping the forum's activities and fostering collaborative efforts within the hydrogen research community. Hydrogen Research Forum Finland looks forward to a continued journey of growth and innovation under the capable leadership of LUT University and the upcoming chairmanship of Pertti Kauranen.

Research orientated NortH2 – H2FUTURE Kick off launches the Nordic Hydrogen Week in Oulu (13-15.2.2024)

Oulu University is pleased to announce the H2FUTURE Kick Off event, which is part of the Nordic Hydrogen Week. The event aims to bring together hydrogen industry experts, researchers, and business leaders to discuss the latest trends and innovations in the field.


Dates and Program:


Research Day (February 13, 9:00 AM – 4:10 PM):

NortH2 Research Day – H2FUTURE Kick Off Event

The event kicks off with a Research Day, providing participants with the opportunity to delve into the latest research and innovations in hydrogen production. This day is dedicated to the scientific community looking to share knowledge and discuss the latest advancements in hydrogen technology.


Business Day (February 14, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM):

Northern Powerhouse - Business Day

On the second day, the event opens up with a Business Day focusing on the utilization of hydrogen in mobility, logistics, industry, and property management. Business leaders and stakeholders can expect inspiring presentations and networking opportunities tailored to the business and economic prospects of the hydrogen industry.


Field Tour Day (February 15, 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM):

Environmental Field Tour

Concluding the event is the Field Tour Day, offering a practical insight into the application of hydrogen technology. Participants will have the opportunity to explore practical examples and see how hydrogen technology is being utilized across various sectors.


Registration and More Information:

For more details about the H2FUTURE Kick Off event, Nordic Hydrogen Week, and registration, visit the official website


Oulu University welcomes all professionals and enthusiasts in hydrogen technology to participate in this significant event that promotes the development and application of hydrogen technology.

20-24.11.2023 H2FINLAND goes to the European Hydrogen Week in Brussels.

We are happy to announce our recent participation in the European Hydrogen Week 2023 held in Brussels. At the forefront of innovation, H2FINLAND showcased our hydrogen projects, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to sustainable solutions.

Our dedicated team is driving transformative change in the clean energy sector in Finland, pushing the boundaries in creating a more sustainable and greener future. 


13.02.2024 NortH2 Research Day - H2FUTURE Kick off launches the Nordic Hydrogen Week Oulu 13-15.2.2024! 

As a part of the Northern Power 2024 event, we warmly welcome you to join the NortH2 Research Day - H2FUTURE Kick-off seminar to listen to the wonderful talks given by hydrogen specialists worldwide!

The preliminary program of the event:

9:00-9:10 Welcoming words (Rector of the University of Oulu, Jouko Niinimäki)

9:10-9:30 Hydrogen research at the University of Oulu and H2FINLAND (Marko Huttula)

9:30-9:50 H2 in Catalysis

9:50 -10:20 Coffee is served.

10:20-10:50 International professor talk (Laura Murcianon)

10:50-11.10  H2 in Theoretical Material Physics, H2FUTURE Tenure Track Assoc. Prof. Matti Silveri

11.10-12.10 Lunch (will be served in the Saalasti Hall)

12:10-12:40  International professors 

12:40-13:00 H2 in Materials Science of Steel

13:00-13.30 International professors (Claire Davis)

13:30-14:00 Coffee is served.

14:00-14:20 H2 in Reduction Metallurgy Chemistry

14:20-14:50 International Professors, (Dierk Raabe)

14:50-15:10 H2 Strategic Research Agenda in Finland, Petteri Laaksonen (LUT)

15:10-15:40  Intersectoral collaboration in R&D in H2 scene, Jari Kiviaho (VTT)

15:40-16:10  Cecilia Wallmark (H2ESIN, Luleå University of Technology)

Please find more information and registration here

11.09.2023 Latest Projects Funded by the Academy of Finnish  SRC 2023 

We are pleased to announce that members of H2FINLAND have successfully  secured grants from the Academy of Finnish Strategic Research Council (SRC 2023) under the theme "Energy Solutions as Part of a Just Green Transition (JUST ENERGY)."

These cutting-edge research projects embody our commitment to sustainable energy transition and societal acceptance of the hydrogen economy.

Here are the projects and their respective consortiums led by members of H2FINLAND:

  1. Climate Neutral, Justified, and Sustainable H2 Transition (JustH2Transit)

    • Principal Investigator (PI): Marko Huttula, University of Oulu

    • Consortium: BotH2nia, Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology, University of Oulu, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd, Natural Resources Institute Finland (LUKE)

  2. Solutions to the Energy Transition: A Fair, Flexible, and Resilient Energy System (FLAIRE) (Ratkaisuja Energiamurrokseen: Reilu, Joustava ja Resilientti Energiajärjestelmä)

    • PI: Eva Pongracz, University of Oulu

    • Consortium: University of Oulu, Aalto University, University of Helsinki, Finnish Environment Institute, University of Turku

  3. Pathways Out of Energy Crises to a Resilient and Just Energy System – PHOENIX

    • PI: Jero Ahola (Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology,)

    • Consortium: VATT Institute for Economic Research, University of Eastern Finland, University of Helsinki, Tampere University


15.06.2023 Finland-Korea Science & Technology Seminar for Hydrogen 

Hydrogen Research Forum Finland was presented to the Korean deligation in the TEM and OKM organized Finland-Korea Science & Technology Seminar for Hydrogen by Prof. Marko Huttula, University of Oulu 


8-10.08.2023 Summer School for Doctoral Students
                          Lappeenranta, LUT University

Join us this summer for an exciting opportunity to expand your knowledge on hydrogen production, storage, and utilization! The Hydrogen Research Forum Finland is organizing a summer school with expert lectures and hands-on activities that will leave you with a deeper understanding of this promising energy source. Don't miss out on this chance to advance your skills and contribute to a sustainable future.

Check our program 

7-8.08.2023 2nd Seminar in Hydrogen Research Forum Finland
                         “System level changes i
n hydrogen transition”
                          Lappeenranta, LUT University

Mark your calendars for the Hydrogen Research Forum Finland Seminar 2023 on "System level changes in hydrogen transition"! Join us for an insightful event where existing and planned activities under the hydrogen theme in Finland will be introduced and discussed. This seminar provides a unique opportunity to network and collaborate with specialists in the field. This is the first event in a seminar series aimed at presenting Finnish research activities on hydrogen and the hydrogen transition. Our mission is to provide a communication forum for research actions and to offer independent, research-based information to support decision-making, education, and academic visibility on the topic.

You can also follow the live stream vi
a Zoom link:

Check our program 
Materials from the seminar 

20.02.2023 Open positions in H2FUTURE programme

We're looking for talented individuals to join our team and help drive the H2FUTURE program forward. We have a number of exciting job opportunities available.

Check out our open positions and apply today!

Tenure Track Assistant or Associate Professor or Full Professor in Theoretical Material Physics


Tenure Track Assistant or Associate Professor or Full Professor in Reduction Metallurgy Chemistry


Tenure Track Assistant or Associate Professor or Full Professor in Material Science of Steels


Tenure Track Assistant or Associate Professor or Full Professor in Catalysis

More information:

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