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BotH2nia will show the world how competitive wind power and innovative know-how enable clean hydrogen economy. BotH2nia brings together people in both public and private sectors, working towards a greener future on both sides of the bay.

BotH2nia is set to become the largest hydrogen cluster in Europe and the first hydrogen bay in the world. The BotH2nia network boosts the Nordic hydrogen industry: ideas for development projects, more investments and, ultimately, the best materials and fuels for a clean hydrogen future


Hydrogen Cluster Finland is a network of companies and industrial associations that facilitates sharing of information, collaboration and joint ventures, and development of a business perspective to promote hydrogen economy, create business opportunities and support the transformation towards climate neutrality.

Hydrogen Cluster Finland welcomes dialogue and collaboration with companies, clusters, and platforms active in hydrogen economy to create sustainable innovation and business opportunities in Finland, Europe and around the globe.

In the early part of the year 2023, the Finnish Hydrogen Valley Association, established with the goal of promoting renewable energy production and the hydrogen economy, has garnered enthusiastic support from municipalities, businesses, and development companies in the Northern and Southern Karelia regions, as well as the Kymenlaakso-Loviisa area. Thirty members, including 17 businesses, joined the association during its founding phase. The objectives of the Finnish Hydrogen Valley Association include acquiring, generating, and disseminating information to public administration, energy companies, technology and service companies related to the hydrogen economy, project developers, media, and other stakeholders in the renewable energy sector. The current challenges include the Fingrid 400-800kV transmission line plan, determining investigation needs based on the South East Finland Hydrogen Valley report, conducting a needs assessment for companies' R&D expectations, and addressing defense-related radar issues on the eastern border.

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